Heartworms are infectious parasites that are transmitted by mosquitoes. These parasites are common in Texas and surrounding states, and they lead to congestive heart failure. Screening and prevention is vital to your pets health. We recommend annual heartworm testing as well as year around heartworm prevention. We offer injectable 6 month heartworm prevention (ProHeart) or monthly at home oral preventatives. These preventatives work by killing immature heartworms before they can mature and cause heart disease.

Internal gastrointestinal and pulmonary parasites are common ailments of dogs and cats. These parasites can cause harmful problems to your pets without causing external abnormal clinical signs. Therefore we recommend annual screening for these parasites. Upon making a wellness appointment, you will be prompted to bring a fresh stool sample to be examined. Please bring this fresh stool sample in a small plastic bag. Upon arrival a member of our medical staff will collect this sample and prepare it for evaluation.