The best medicine is prevention. Thorough wellness exams are performed annually and semi-annually to ensure your pet is happy and healthy. Pillars of wellness care in small animal medicine include: vaccination, heartworm screening and prevention, external parasite prevention, internal parasite screening, weight management and nutrition, and pre-screening bloodwork. Pillars in equine wellness include: infectious disease prevention, vaccination, dental care, internal parasite screening and management, hoof care, and nutrition.

A thorough physical examination and history is performed in order to help screen for any potential issues that may arise. Based on our findings we will make the best recommendations to ensure the best treatment plan for your animal.

Vaccination is an essential aspect of preventative medicine. We believe that routine vaccination will serve to prevent against common infectious and sometimes zoonotic diseases. We also believe in antibody titer screening as a useful tool in assessing adequate immunity.

In order to provide the best personalized care for your animal we recommend annual preventative medicine consultations for pets under 7 years old and semi-annual consultations for pets 7 years and older.

We realize that the time spent with your animal is valuable, so please do not hesitate to ask our veterinarians and staff about any questions or concerns you may have regarding your animals health.